BluePrint Valve Strategy

Effective and efficient valve management

BluePrint is a dedicated valve management tool. Value is delivered by defining the importance of the entire valve population and tailoring the management processes to effectively and efficiently manage all valves.

Traditionally asset management underestimates the importance of all but the most critical valves. The remaining valves (up to 90%) are typically not evaluated leading to an increased risk of high consequence failures. The combination of Blueprint software and Callidus experience ensures that each valve is effectively assessed and appropriate maintenance, spares and engineering processes are employed.

BluePrint Valve Strategy Maintenance Repair

Why BluePrint Valve Strategy?

  • Reduce unplanned maintenance

    BluePrint identifies maintenance requirements and develops a scheduling program for the entire valve population. This structured approach ensures all valves are maintained or inspected according to their application demand.

  • Reduce high consequence failures

    BluePrint measures the consequence of a valve failure and mitigates the risk by applying specific inspection and maintenance techniques that target the valve failure modes.

  • Increase valve knowledge

    BluePrint identifies high critical valves and initiates a detailed review of the valve and application. Specific inspection and maintenance procedures are developed using Callidus engineers and extensive historical industry knowledge.

  • Increase spares efficiency

    BluePrint assesses a wide range of valve, application, repair-ability and cost factors in order to calculate optimal spares recommendations. This includes complete valves and parts down to the component level. Spares are scaled to ensure an efficient balance is achieved between investment and coverage.

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