Callidus assists FQM in Ravensthorpe Nickel Operations’ first major shutdown

Callidus Process Solutions was recently invited by FQM to support the first major planned Autoclave Shutdown since the recommissioning of the Ravensthorpe Nickel Operations (RNO) in 2020.

The shutdown team was primarily on site to conduct valve repairs, inspections and replacements for PAL-2. Due to an unscheduled breakdown, PAL-1 was also shut down when the team arrived.

Thanks to our highly experienced technicians we were able to assist FQM with numerous maintenance activities such as Autoclave Lid Tensioning, Equipment Fault Finding and Repair, Lifting and Installation activities, as well as emergent valve repair work.


installation of a valve underneath a vessel at FQM RNO shutdown


A collaboration by our valve team and welding team oversaw the planning and execution for the difficult removal of a damaged agitator shaft, out of the autoclave, which posed many challenges. Our repairs team in Balcatta played a pivotal role in urgently manufacturing a Titanium Split Ring Assembly that was required for the new agitator shaft installation.

All activities completed enabled FQM to ensure both autoclaves were operational in a timely manner. FQM was extremely happy and appreciative of the efforts from all involved. The demonstration of skill and safe working practices displayed by the team, have resulted in FQM trusting Callidus Process Solutions with additional valve repair work.


Installation Autoclave Vessel Lid at FQM RNO shutdown