Case study: redesigning failing valve body

Earlier this year, a valued client referred to Callidus to fix a repeating incident of failing valve inline due to external cyclic loading. Being categorised as a major and serious safety concern, an immediate solution was requested.


Failing valve body

Actual inline valve failure where in branch pipe was broken from the main body


The process

Callidus engineers utilised the vibration data from previous assessments, and redesigned a valve body that can withstand cyclic loading over the equipment’s life expectancy.

A series of FEA study trials, focusing on fatigue failure and several dimensional adjustments, were performed to optimise the design.


The solution

At the end of the study, Callidus offered two option to the client:

  1. A body with the same Ti12 material. In this option, the weight of the body increased significantly due to the added mechanical reinforcements.
  2. A body upgraded Ti5 material. In this option, there is a minimal increase in the overall weight due to improved mechanical properties.
Valve body options

FEA models comparing the existing to the proposed design options; Red signifies expected failure areas due to fatigue over the valve’s life expectancy


The outcome

The client responded positively with the outcome of the study and decided to install the option 2 modified design. And not only for their 600CL, but also on the 300CL locations.


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