Emergency Shutdown Ball Valve – Quick Delivery

The Challenge

Callidus Process Solutions (CPS) recently completed a project for an Oil and Gas client. They came to CPS with an inquiry to replace an existing valve and actuator package, where the valve was leaking during isolation.

The customer required quick delivery to meet a planned shutdown but could not wait for a valve to be manufactured.

The Solution

We were able to locate and use a trunnion mounted ball valve that had been returned to the CPS new Gillman facility, from the customer’s valve graveyard.

The following actions were taken to complete the project:

Valve Inspection:
The customer’s graveyard valve was stripped and inspected for suitability of repair.

Local Sourcing:
To meet the delivery we were able to source new components from local and interstate suppliers, including the pneumatic fail close actuator, mounting kit, solenoid, tubing/fittings and filter regulator.

trunnion mounted ball valve

6”– ANSI 600# RF Emergency Shutdown Ball Valve

The Result

With the successful completion of the project for the customer, the following outcomes were reached:

  • Delivery. By using the customer’s graveyard valve, we were able to improve delivery from 20 weeks to under 10 weeks.
  • Financial benefit. The repair cost for the ball valve was significantly less than the price of a new valve from an overseas or local supplier.