Metallurgical Valve Analysis & Development

Up close and personal valve analysis

Callidus Group’s Metallurgical Valve Analysis & Development teams have been developing coatings of the highest quality, with exceptional adhesion properties, minimum porosity and with less contaminant. We evaluate the application and select the best suited material for the application to increase performance and decrease failure rates.

Coating analytical capabilities

Coating analytical capabilities enable Callidus to measure the material properties for development and quality control. The capabilities include:

  • —Coating analysis (thickness, porosity, adhesion, toughness)
  • —Sliding wear testing (ASTM G65)
  • —Adhesion strength testing (ASTM C633)
  • —Macro and Micro Hardness Testing (ASTM E92 / E384)
  • —Particle analysis (size, distribution)

Metallurgical Valve Analysis & Development


Failure analysis of process equipment

Failure analysis involves a wide range of techniques and equipment to evaluate the material condition and failure mode. This process involves skilled engineers to understand the design and process conditions which lead to the failure and identify how to avoid future incidents. Our analysis consists of:

  • —Visual, macro / microscopic examination
  • —Fractography
  • —Material characterisation chemical / mechanical
  • —Define mode of failure
  • —Metallurgical evaluation (microstructure, grain size, intergranular attack)

Failure analysis duplex material fracture


Material selection

Material selection is a key element of achieving service reliability, especially in challenging environments. Our materials team can evaluate the service and design requirements in order to enhance performance and life cycle:

  • —Environmental and operating condition definition
  • —Suitability for client application and industry standards
  • —Material selection to application criteria
  • —Cost, lead-time and production optimisation

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