Plug Valve Solution for Oil & Gas

Callidus Process Solutions recently completed a project for an Oil and Gas client. They came to us with an inquiry to access and recommend a suitable valve solution for a “Bad Acting” globe valve.

Not only was the customer looking for a technical solution, but they needed a quick delivery to meet a planned shutdown, to replace the existing valve.

Plug Valve - Pressurising Valve Oil & Gas

2”– ANSI 600# RF Plug Valve – Pressurizing Valve

The Solutions

We were able to access the application quickly and confirm the reason the existing globe valve was not performing as intended. We were able to identify a similar process in their facility where they had used a different type of valve, which has historically performed well. It was agreed a ‘Pressure Balanced’ plug was more suited for the application.

The following actions were taken to complete the project:

Management of Change – Review Action 1.
An expedited Management of Change (MOC) was implemented by the customer to enable our new valve recommendation to be installed.

Local Sourcing – Action 2
To meet delivery we were able to use a suitable valve that we had in stock, from the customers’ own inventory.

The Results

With the successful completion of the project for the customer, the following outcomes were reached:

  • By using the customer’s own inventory, we were able to supply a fully tested and compliant valve in 24 hours after the issuing of the customers purchase order, also enabling us to meet the scheduled plant shutdown.
  • There was also a financial benefit realised. The use of the clients own inventory saved on the purchase of a brand-new valve. This type of valve has a very long lead time. This saving has subsequently been reported to the customer as a part of our KPI’s.