Globe Control Valves

By definition, a globe type control valve is a linear motion valve characterized by a globe style body with a long face to face dimension that accommodates smooth, rounded flow passages. The single seat design uses the plug seat arrangement, where a plug moves into a seat to permit low glows or away from the seat to permit higher flows.

Generally, globe valves are quite versatile and can be used in a wide variety of services. The same valve can be used in dozens of different applications as long as the pressure and temperature limits are not exceeded, and the process does not require special alloys to combat corrosion. Their simple linear motion design permits a wider range of modifications than other valve styles. Because of the linear motion, the force generated by the actuator or actuation system is transferred directly to the regulating element; therefore, a minimal amount of energy to the regulating element is lost. On the other hand, rotary vales lose some transfer energy and accuracy because of the dead band (amount of input change needed to observe shaft movement) associated with linear to rotary motion linkage.