Multi skilled technicians pays off for client

The Challenge

One of our valued Pilbara customers came to us for help during a recent onsite annual Pressure Safety Valve (PSV) recertification and overhaul campaign.

During removal of the plant, a raised face of a 10” 150CL joint was damaged – needing urgent machining. This was especially critical due to the close shutdown event completion. They needed it re-machined yesterday.

PSV Valve Damage

Callidus was ahead of schedule and able to offer our valve maintenance services without impact to the PSV turnaround scope.

Pays to be Multi Skilled

Our senior valve technician was able to set up and safely operate in-situ flange facing equipment and restore this raised face back to its former beauty – all before morning smoko!

Shutdown Valve Maintenance - PSV

The Results

  • The equipment was returned to plant within 24 hours
  • The repair was conducted on site reducing logistics, crane and 3rd party machining cost
  • No unplanned plant downtime
  • Minimal impact to planned scopes
  • The scope was completed with local resources onsite at an Onshore Gas Facility

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