Severe Service Ball Valve Trim

The ALTA conference is the premier conference for laterite Nickel Hydrometallurgical technology.

The Perth based conference continues to grow. Even in the face of adverse commodity prices and at times less than favourable press for the High-Pressure Acid Leach (HPAL) process.

Callidus Group service customers in Perth, New Caledonia, Madagascar and the Philippines. Managing the maintenance and repairs to client-owned severe service ball valves. Which are critical in maintaining the arduous process conditions of HPAL.

The current “gold standard” for the wearing components in these valves, the balls and seats, is a thermally applied ceramic coating. This is most often applied by using an Atmospheric Plasma System (APS) which coats the surface of the ball and seats with a thin (0.3mm) ceramic coating. This allows it to slide ceramic on ceramic and protect it from harsh abrasion.

In 2004 Callidus surmised in a presentation at ALTA, that the most appropriate solution was not a thermal spray coating but a coating that was fully fused and not mechanically bonded to the surface. The well-received paper went on to mention the areas of R&D that we were engaged in at the time and the potential for a breakthrough.

This year at ALTA a paper was delivered by Velan and co-authored by Callidus. The paper revisited this technology, updating everyone on current thinking and progress.

Click here to access the paper

Callidus Welding Solutions (CWS) are championing the push to bring this “ultimate solution” into reality. Coating technology designed and pioneered at CWS has now been in service successfully for 19 months.

Going forward Callidus Group will be working with clients and suppliers to ensure that we are at the forefront of coating technology in the severe service valve industry.