THPAL shutdown completed amid COVID-19 restrictions

A shutdown team of Callidus Process Solutions recently serviced the scheduled shutdown on Train1 and Train2 of the Taganito HPAL (THPAL) Nickel Corporation in the Philippines while navigating challenging circumstances due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Callidus THPAL shutdown team  

The size of the Callidus shutdown team was limited to five people, and the work scope was reduced due to the restriction of personnel movement and a limitation on acceptance of people in THPAL locality depending on place of origin. The team had to travel by sea to reach their destination in what was close to a 24-hour journey. Strict travel requirements on documentation, health check, COVID-19 PPE and quarantine were highly imposed at all times.

Arriving without sea sickness or positive tests, the team delivered the service required on schedule and with zero incident in the following weeks. An accomplishment made possible with support of THPAL maintenance onsite assistance, the offsite Callidus teams, and the team’s own passion and commitment for the job.