Valve Range

Callidus is an independent company but with close links to many manufactures, stockists and suppliers. This places the company in a unique position to procure, actuate, test and verify valves from a number of sources.

Based on the datasheet and information on the plant requirements Callidus offers the following options

  • Specify the valve and or actuator
  • Procure
  • Modify or adapt to meet client-specific requirements
  • Carry out Factory Acceptance Testing
  • Special test requirements:
    • Cryogenic testing
    • Torque testing
    • Environmental testing
    • Gas testing
    • Hot¬†testing
    • Stroke
    • Fugitive emission
    • Preserve
    • Maintain in the construction yards
    • Assist with commissioning to minimize damage
    • Maintain the valve throughout its life

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